Public baths

Public baths of Berekfürdõ

Boating lake

Entrance of indoor thermal baths

Stage of the baths

One of our fishing ponds

Camping on the shore
 of the fishing lake
 In the year 1928 there was only one wooden pool on the spot next to the current thermal pool. Today, there are totally 9 pools waiting for the visitors. Seven of them are at public baths, while there are two at the indoor thermal baths. On the wonderful green area of 8 hectares the two medical pools, and another one with neck, back and waist shower delight service was opened in the year 2000, have been intended definitely for those who search for recovery, as well as the two thermal pools which are equally very popular among children and adults, as well. Besides these there is a pool especially for small children and a swimming pool. In the indoor thermal baths there are two pools for medicinal purposes, and there are special medical treatment services available upon request, such as medicinal weight bath, curative massage, electrotherapy and underwater jet massage, too, for those who require. Besides medicinal services there are Finnish sauna, pedicure and manicure services also available. Approximately 260 thousand guests visit our thermal baths year by year, for returning home full with pleasant memories and recovered thereafter.

The thermal water with alkali-hydrogen carbonate and iodine content is very effective in curing locomotor disorders (like sclerosis of spine, hip and knee joints), and can be well applied for rehabilitation procedures after accidents, as well. Experiences of more decades have proven the effectiveness of thermal water with alkali-hydrogen carbonate and iodine content in curing locomotor disorders (like sclerosis of spine, hip and knee joints), but (because of the impact of bromine and iodine) it is also effective in curing circulatory disturbances and disorders of the nervous system, as well as gynaecological diseases and for rehabilitation procedures after accidents. As its general effect, the water improves the general human physical condition; accordingly, this is an important regenerative agent also for healthy people.

On the territory of the public baths there is an opportunity to take boat or water bicycle on hire, and there is a safe deposit also available. Public telephone-boxes are to be found on the entire area of the baths. Own parking place serves the comfort of visitors arriving by car or coaches. For enjoyable pastime there are biking possibilities even on water, tennis court, table tennis, mini golf and football fields and playgrounds available. Throughout the year, there is a possibility for angling for different fishes on the nearby lakes and ponds handled by the local anglers’ association. One these ponds spread alongside the public baths and the camping.

Along the health care pools there is the pavilion raw to be found. Here is the stage of the baths located offering high-level entertainment programs on each Saturday afternoon from May to September. Among others programs of singers of Hungarian folksongs, pop- and operetta singers, humorists and folk-dancers, conjurers are presented, which are very popular especially among middle-aged and elderly people. Beside the children’s pool there was a nice and smart playground built in 2000.

Approximately for 50 meters from the twin pools there is a pleasant pension on the territory of the baths waiting for holidaymakers on the shore of the fishing lake. This boarding-house with 12 rooms and 32 beds is very popular among families and groups of friends, but also pairs loving nostalgia and romantic are frequently guests of this place. The International Great-Coman Camp of Fine Arts is organized annually, where many young and well-known painters and sculptors draw inspiration from attractive characteristics of Berekfürdõ. A permanent exhibition presents a collection of their works in the House of Reconciliation which can be visited free of charge. In this pension there is a writers’ camp organized every autumn, as well.

Settlement’s local government maintains the Camping next door to the thermal baths. Visitors arriving with tents or caravans are received on a beautiful green-grassed park area with approximately 1000 places, but there are also bungalows, cottages and apartments available, as well as the pension receives guests in this beautiful and calm place. More kitchens, water supply blocks, parlours, electricity supply, hygienic toilets, as well as tennis courts, table tennis, football and playgrounds are available for the guests. German, Polish and Dutch citizens spend many times months in the Camping and arrive as if they were coming to a big family-resort place for meeting with old acquaintances, friends and relatives, respectively.