Berekfürdõ was enriched by a unique public worth in summer 2002. The composition, that contributes to make unforgettable the time spent on the baths from another point of view, was made in the atelier of the sculptor Lajos Gyõrfi. With the artist, living in Püspökladány, we were talking about the composition.

Where is the inspire from?

I dreamed into bronze the shaped egrets on the bases of my childhood remembrances and experiences. Considering that I grew up in Karcag-Kunlapos, I had good opportunity to make friendship with the nature. I thought, that more beautiful and worthy synonym of symbiosis of the water and the life can not be anything else but these graceful birds.

What is to be known about the technique of making such pieces?

Many things can be explained simple by my own working method. I like, namely, working without stop, that is through day and night. On the statue of Berek, we had been working together with twenty of my fellows. There were precise plans needed in order to be able to share the tasks among us. The basic idea was such a “waterfall” which may even ginger up the pool through its sight. Maybe few people think that there were serious hydrodynamic calculations required in the course of design. Nevertheless, it was so. “Safe handling” of water rushing down had to be solved. The waterfall starts on a level two and a half meters above the pavement surface. The elements of the composition, close to the ground surface, need to have been subordinated to the “stream of water”. Mouth opening of turtles have been fit to the thick water jet. Probably this is the reason that also their bodies may appear a bit robust…, however, this can be considered as an advantage, too, as we have gained a comfortable seat on the tortoise-shell.

The artist immediately corrected our next question, which related to the snakes made standing as closing elements:

As a matter of fact there are grass-snakes concerned. What is more, almost in scale of one to one. This ratio, however, does not relate to the egrets, which slightly exceed real dimensions. The birds are of 90 centimetres each, “…and it has to be added, that neither their “weight is ideal for flying”, as being not less than half a quintal each.”

The interview was made on 12th September, 2002.